What the Shape of Your Body Reveals About Your Health

According to several studies the shape of certain body parts can reveal a lot about the health of your body. Namely, the shape of your legs, hands, and arms can tell in what state is your health.

Here it is what certain shapes mean:

The Bra Size

As per a newly performed study by the Canadian Medical Association ladies over 20 wearing bras with a cup size D are at 1.5% risk of getting the type 2 diabetes, which is not the case with ladies with a less generous chest.

The scientific explanation is that fat cells in the breasts are sensitive to hormones and cause insulin resistance. A fat buildup impedes the role of insulin which is to regulate blood sugar levels. For that reason, scientists recommend the use of a healthy diet and regular physical activity in order to prevent the occurrence of this disease.

Leg Length

According to a British study released on the BBC News website, women who have short legs are at a greater risk of developing liver disease. This study was performed at the University of Bristol involving 4000 women in the age range of 60-79 years old. The parameters of this research were leg length and factors like genetics.

They have come to the findings that the legs varying in length between 50 and 73cm are at higher risk of developing liver disease as they produce enzymes that can be helpful and bad for the body at the same time. So, the size of the legs takes a vital role in the production of these enzymes. For that reason, it is very important to pay attention to your diet and the intake of alcohol, reduce or completely avoid its consumption.

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