This Hormone Is The Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight

If you are a person that has tried everything in the weight loss process and still have no results of this difficult challenge, then you are most likely that you have issues with certain hormones. The hormone that is in charge for our weight is leptin or otherwise known as the “satiety hormone”.

What is leptin?  

This is a digestive hormone which is being secreted by fat cells in the body. This hormone is in charge of sending signals to the brain to raise energy expenditure, speed up the metabolism of glucose and fats, and lower hunger. As per a conducted study in Yale University and then released in Nature Neuroscience, leptin blocks hunger and controls appetite.

When the body gains weight it produces more leptin into the bloodstream in order to create a balance that incites the body to burn the excess fat. However, the secretion of leptin may face certain malfunctions thereby preventing weight loss. In fact, plenty overweight people even develop a leptin resistance.

What does leptin resistance mean?

High leptin levels for a long period of time may cause the body to lose its sensitivity to this particular hormone. If this happens the signals that the leptin sends to the brain like to speed up the metabolism or to stop eating will be ignored which will lead to more weight gain.

In that way the body is leptin resistant and after that having a healthy metabolism is almost impossible and as well as a successful weight loss. Moreover, persons with leptin resistance can succumb to chronic diseases which are connected to fat buildup in the stomach area and acute inflammations.

Unhealthy diets which offer fast weight loss or otherwise known as “crash diets” may be one of the reasons for developing leptin resistance. Persons who are on a weight loss diet lower the calorie intake in a such severe way that can impede the functions of leptin and thus cause resistance to it.

There are also foods which can elevate the risk of leptin resistance, and those are:

– Foods rich in fats
– Foods rich in sugar
– Refined carbohydrates

In order to avoid the risk of leptin resistance, make sure to avoid the use of these foods.

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