How Smart Are You Really? IQ Tests May Be Wrong; There Are 9 Types of Intelligence

IQ tests have become extremely popular nowadays among people believing that that is the way how you can measure one’s intelligence. But, this is not true as there are other ways according to the renowned psychologist Howard Gardner. He maintains that a person’s intelligence can be measured in nine ways.

As per a distinguished group of intellectuals, intelligence can be divided into nine subgroups, and those are the following ones:

  1. Spatial
  2. Naturalist
  3. Musical
  4. Logical (Mathematical)
  5. Intrapersonal
  6. Linguistic
  7. Bodily (Kinesthetic)
  8. Interpersonal
  9. Existential

Howard Gardner is an author of the book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences where he elaborates about the single intelligence which is a result of a “single entity that was inherited”, and as well learned. A person has nine subgroups of intelligence and each level is separate and independent by itself. He stated: “Each intelligence has its own strengths and constraints; that the mind is far from unencumbered at birth.”

The designer of Funders and Founders, and as well as author Marc Vital have outlined Garner’s nine types of intelligence in an info graphic displaying all areas of intelligence.

Scientists have not open-mindedly complied with the idea of Gardner, but nonetheless plenty of teachers and educators agree to the fact that intelligence cannot be a single entity because each child learns and thinks completely in a different way.

A 2015 study released in online journal Nature Neuroscience, revealed the existence of two gene clusters, M1 and M3. This study have come to the conclusion that intelligence is genetic. M1 and M3 gene clusters might be accountable for the cognitive intelligence related to the memory, executive functions, attention, processing speed, and reasoning.

According to a recently performed study common laziness could be an indication of an increased intelligence. This was elaborated by the fact that people who are not interested in deep thinking will probably get bored very soon if they just sit in one place and because of that they will turn to sports or other physical activities.

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