Here’s Why You’re Always Bloated And Solutions To Solve It!

Suffering from bloating! Do not worry; in this article we shall present you solutions how to avoid this from occurring. First of all find the reasons for its appearance and then use the tips to deflate your belly quickly.

Bloating appears due to gas buildup in the intestines, which can become an embarrassing because it causes swelling of the stomach and flatulence. A person with a bloated stomach has the appearance of a large ball and in that way he or she experiences the heaviness.

5 Reasons for Bloating and Solutions for Its Removal

  1. Constipation

Bloating and constipation usually go together, which commonly appears due to the trapped gases behind feces and because of that cannot come out naturally. As a result they cause bloating because there is a disorder in the digestive process. This problem can be solved if your foods are high in fiber. Have in mind that you will need to gradually integrate the fiber diet because you may worsen the situation, speeding up the transit of foods and thus causing diarrhea. Introduce more fresh fruit into your smoothies, juices, and then replace the white bread with whole grain bread.

  1. Fast Consumption of Foods

You can prevent the bloating if you chew your food slowly because if you do it quickly then you are not chewing the food sufficiently enough and thus cannot digest it properly. For better digestion, take in small bites of foods. You can try to minimize the intake of salt and prevent water retention and as well as bloating. There are some vegetables which can cause bloating even though they are good for your health like cabbage, broccoli, and asparagus. These vegetables can cause bloating to people with sensitive digestive system.

  1. Diet Rich in Carbohydrates

Too much intake of carbohydrates can cause bloating, for that reason you the need to limit the consumption of carbohydrates in your diet like foods high in fructose, processed foods, and so on, and meanwhile to concentrate on healthy and not processed food such as vegetables and fruits.

  1. Low Water Consumption

The body needs its proper water intake as if that is not the case certain health complications can occur. Dehydration can be also caused as a result of excessive alcohol and coffee consumption. Therefore, to keep your body well hydrated you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. If the body does not get its enough quantities of water it will draw the liquid from wherever it can be found thus triggering fluid retention that causes bloating. You can prevent all this from happening by simply drinking plenty of water!

  1. Avoid Stress

Numerous studies have already confirmed that stress can cause bloating as when a person is under stress its digestive functions are being reduced thereby resulting in swelling of the stomach, and bloating that can cause constipation. Try to introduce activities in your life that relax you so that you can lower your anxiety and stress. We recommend trying meditation, yoga, or a simple walk in the nature.

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