Here’s Why Blue-Eyed People Are So Special

Most people do not consider eye color of great importance, the size of the ears and the hair color are more important. However, when science is considered the eye color is very important when blue eyes are concerned.

Did you know that the color of blue eyes is not “fixed”?

The color of the blue eyes is not fixed due to the fact that the light that enters through them defines their color. Namely, the eye has an iris which comprises two different layers: the epithelium and stroma.

The epithelium is consisted of 5-7 layers of cells and brown-black pigments, which are actually the dark spots in the eye. The stroma, on the other hand is formed of colorless collagen fibers containing pigments of melanin and occasionally an excessive amount of collagen. Both melanin and collagen are taking great part in determining the color of the eye.

The color of the blue eyes is entirely structural, according to Science Alert. Persons with blue eyes have an entirely colorless stroma without pigment melanin and without excessive amount of collagen. So, when the light enters the blue eye, it becomes scattered, and as a result of the Tyndall effect, the blue tint is being created. Because of that blue eyes do not have a defined color as their color depends on the amount of light that enters them.

There is the Belief That Blue-Eyed People Have the Same Ancestor

As per a researcher from Denmark, people with blue eyes all around the world have the same family relationship. It is believed that around 6,000 or 10,000 years ago, the human population was only with brown eyes. The color of blue eyes occurred as a result of a mutation and because of that some people have blue eyes, according to a DNA test. So, all blue-eyed people might come from a same ancestor, as per the study on the color of eyes.

This discovery was confirmed by another study as well where scientists found a genetic mutation that took place about 6,000 or 10,000 years ago and as a result of which the blue color of the people appeared, and that again confirms that people with blue eyes have a common ancestor.

The Distinctive Characteristics of Blue-Eyed People

The personalities of blue eyed people are different from the rest of the people. They are more lively and attractive.

As per a conducted study on this issue people with blue eyes are more joyous and sentimental. Additionally, they can be sincere and whimsical, and in some cases spiteful. But, nonetheless, they are intelligent, peaceful, and generous. They are energetic and always tend to have stable long term relationships.

What makes people with blue eyes unique?

They are unique in their natural need to make other people happy. They will do everything to make you smile that day, and all thanks to their honesty and kindness. Plus, people with blue eyes like to observe and contemplate things.

According to a conducted study in Australia in 2006, people with either blue or green eyes are more competitive. It is in the nature of people with light eyes (blue and green) to be more sociable and as well as have the ability to commit to a long term relationship. Once they are in a relationship, they devote themselves to make their partner happy. So, it is no wonder that most people find blue-eyed people extremely attractive.

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