Here is How the Blood Type Determines Personality

According to Japanese researchers the blood that flows in our veins determines our personality. It is believed that there is a strong connection between the blood type or blood group and certain aspects of our character.

Blood Types and Science Theories

As per numerous scientific theories susceptibility to certain diseases is linked to the specific blood type, and because of that the “blood group diet” theory exists inspired by the knowledge of our ancestors. Japanese scientists maintain the there is a close relation between the blood group and the personality of a person.

Aside the Japanese beliefs, there is the strong popular belief that you can tell person’s character based on the blood type, and as well as determine the compatibility between individuals.

It has been recently introduced by some companies for the job applicant to indicate a blood type in the CV or simply mention it while the job interview is still going on. However, this theory is considered controversial among Western scientists recognizing it as a superstition. There are limited researches on this issue, but here are some common insights that you should look into, at least they will perhaps give you some answers about certain issues.


As per a released study in the scientific Neuro psycho biology Journal, individuals with a blood group A are more prone to OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders). People with this blood type are with high intelligence and composure, characterized with a strong personality and as well as with a certain temperament.


Japanese scientists believe that people with blood type B are amazing. According them the blood type B is one of a kind as it is associated with highly atypical personality features like passion, creativity, and strong will. However, these people have also negative side of their character and that is, they are extremely self-centered and often impulsive.


People with AB blood type are very compassionate, and they are easily adaptable no matter in which situation they are without losing their individuality.

Yet, as per the data of a released study in the Neurology Journal, people with AB blood type are at higher risk of memory loss during the aging process. This study lead an experiment where the subjects were elderly people who were tested on their learning ability and as well as their ability to retain information. Elderly with blood type AB found this exercise rather difficult.


People with blood type O are more sensitive to stress as result of the stress hormone, cortisol which stays longer in the blood. The Japanese Institute of Technology reports that people with this blood type are more sensitive to mosquito bites than others. Additionally, the process of aging is faster in people with this blood type. But, on the other hand, they are more open-minded and are in general very sociable.

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