Do You Know What These Two Dimples in the Lower Back Represent?

Dimples are recognized under the name of Venus Dimples, and this cute and distinctive external feature is in fact inherited.The Latin name for dimples is Fossae lumbaleslaterales (“lateral lumbar dents”).

However, even though the term “Venus Dimples” is not official, it is widely accepted among medical experts as a historical name for surface topography of the sacroiliac joints.

Dimples are dents created by a short tendon, and usually a person has it due to genetics factors. However, they can be also formed in persons who vigorously exercise in the gym, but they are not cute and beautiful like the natural ones.

You can have also dimples in the lower back, but you need to know the fact that where there are dimples, there is no muscle. So, you need to build muscle in this general area, and you can achieve that by decreasing body fat in the back and abdomen. Even if you have natural dimpled Venus in this area, it cannot be seen if you have excess fat that covers the area. Therefore, you need to lose weight and get that dimpled Venus.

Ladies with two dimples in the lower back commonly are not overweight; in fact they are highly mobile and charismatic. In addition to all this, they almost never have issues with pain in the back.

The sweet dimples are located on the pelvic bone, and they represent good circulation and good health in both genders, male or female. When women are concerned they usually have easy delivery without any complications.

According to certain studies women with dimples on the back experiences orgasm more easily.These ladies are the lucky ones as they can experience multiple orgasms, which is not something that every woman can show off with it.

There are other names for this specific spot on our body The Michelangelo’s rhomboid, Michaelis diamond, but no matter how we call it, it represents the attractiveness that both men and women want it. In fact, both genders love it and find it very sexy.

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