10 Odd Exercises for the Brain That Help You Become Smarter

Neurobica is a mental exercise which exercises your brain. It involves the use of 5 senses like the touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.

The systemic embodiments of these five senses stimulate the development of new nerve compounds in different brain areas thus making the nerve cells healthier which can contribute to the production of nutritious substances that improve the memory.

For optimal effects these exercises need to be performed in the morning and very soon you will experience their positive effects:

  1. Take your morning shower with your eyes closed

Tactile senses will stimulate other brain areas. Your hands will be your eyes and thus sending signals to the brain.

The way to do it: First of all, make sure to do everything in order to avoid injury, and then only by using the sense of touch open the tap water set. Start showering with your eyes closed.

  1. Brush your teeth with the passive (left) hand

According to conducted studies the use of the opposite hemisphere of the brain provided results for a fast and substantial extension of the cortex area.

The way to do it: You can achieve that by brushing your teeth with the use of the passive hand (most commonly that is the left one), this also applies when you open and use the toothpaste tube.

  1. Change your morning rituals

It has been revealed that new tasks elevate the cortex area, increasing the level of activity of the brain.

The way to do it: You can for instance dress after breakfast, change your favorite channel on TV or radio, and if you have a dog change the walking route.

  1. Literally turn upside down the usual items

If your items are on their place as usual, then your left, the verbal part of the brain, acknowledges them easily and instantly transfers your attention to something else. But, once they are turned upside down, the right brain gets activated and tries to recognize the colors, shapes, and attitude towards the strange appearance of things.

The way to do it: You can turn things like clocks, calendars and family pictures upside down.

  1. Move to another place at the table

We all sit at a specific place at the table, but the human brain requires new experiences.

The way to do it: All you have to do is to change your sitting place or simply change the position at the dinner table. In that way you are going to look at another corner of the room exploring different things. You can even change the position of the salt and pepper thus changing the way of reaching these condiments.

  1. Read differently

When we read aloud or silently or when we read or hear in ourselves various departments of the brain are being used.

The way to do it: Read aloud to your interlocutor, changing the roles of listener and reader. You can read a book little bit longer thereby spending more time with your favorite book.

  1. Breathe in new aromas

The coffee aroma is related to the beginning of a new day, and you have learned that a long time ago. So, you can introduce uncommon aromas like mint, vanilla and connect them with some new activities. In that way you are activating new pathways.

The way to do it: For instance, you can keep an extract of your favorite fragrance near your bed, and once you wake up, open it and inhale, and then do the same procedure when you dress and wash.

  1. Open the car window

The part of the brain that is accountable for the memory is the hippocampus. It will get refreshed if it can experience new images, sounds, and smells.

The way to do it: Brighten this part of the brain by opening the car window and thus experience and recognize new sounds and flavors on your way to work.

  1. Communicate more during the day

Numerous researches have confirmed that the lack of communication can have a serious negative impact on the overall cognitive abilities.

The way to do it: You can simply buy a drink from a seller in the market than one from the vending machine.

  1. Study the products in the supermarket

Plenty of stores place the most used goods at your eye level, and because of that you do not notice other things.

The way to do it: While you are at the market, stop at about any line of products and check the products that are up and down on the shelves. So, if you notice items that you have not seen before, memorize them. You do not have to buy them, but in this way the routine is being broken and you have gained a new experience.

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